Vivace, meaning in a lively and brisk manner, is a family run speciality coffee cafe with a focus on encouraging employment for orphan children. We utilize some of the highest grade of coffee available that is sustainably sourced. We use certified Grade A organic coffee beans, recipes that are curated in house by our Sr. Barista and we focus on showcasing small, independent entrepreneurs by using single estate coffees in our manual brews. We are one of the few speciality cafes in Navi Mumbai.

Our goal is to employee youth and young adults that come from lower Socio-Econic backgrounds. We believe in investing in their lives in a Holistic manner. Our multi-faceted training program includes not only barista and brewing skills but also cafe management

, personal growth both Spiritual and Mental as well as life skills.

Vivace is a place for family, friends and colleagues. We host a range of events including birthday parties, business meetings and community nights. We are a place for good conversation as well as an educational hub for coffee enthusiasts to gather and learn.

Caleb & Masha Ellis
Founders of Vivace

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